Casino software

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Branded and in house games fully ready to launch in any country in the world, with or without a license, its up to you.

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Casino software online & land based within a couple days is possible with our ready to go solutions accepting real money, crypto currencies and manage credits with cash in hand all controlled by you.

Casino software

Look no further, we got the system you need to deploy your very own high end fully branded online casino website and landbased shop machinery systems with little to no setup time and 100% commission based on all your players and agents.

Online casino software

Fully dynamic and powerful casino engine platform with 960 casino games, auper admin, agents, shop managare and cimmission based credit system with full control over everything that happens on your network.

Casino games with / without gambling license

With our casino software its fully possible to manage your own online casino website with and without gambling license through offshore server solutions and open sourcecode branded casino games.
If needed, we are also able to help you obtain a valid online gambling license in popular territories.

Create your own sub websites and white labels

Have agents and clients run their own branded casino websites using the same casino software and cut in on their total percentage of earnings and decide if there should be a monthly cost or not, you will become the operator and set all rules. 
Fully compatible to add our sportsbook and betting exchange system.

Custom design

We can build your own custom design or if you prefer your own team to do it, open source code means that once we deploy the casino software onto your server with full control, you are able to access all core files withing the casino software source code to edit & modify anything you need.

casino software

Brand the software with your own logo, colours and tweaks to make it unique to your own brand and niche in order to make it stand out. You can even add your own coin token as default payment method.

Powerful casino engine software allows you to control everything that happens, accept, decline players, bets, payouts and winnings and manage agents, affiliates and commissions across the entire system.

Affiliate and manager admin panel is another popular feature where you may assign agents, sub agents and workers to manage affiliate and commission based kickback for quality traffic to your website.

Casino Software

Do not make the rookie misstake and look for a cheaper casino software elsewhere because in general, cheaper means lower quality and limited functions while our casino software is a piece of art that will keep you and your players happy 24/7 

Casino admin panel

Super admin is allowed to controll everything without limitations, transfer funds, set limits, ban players, create shops and agents with different permissions and manage payment gateways and grant credit.

1000+ branded casino games

Branded slots from all big providers are included from scratch and you have the power to control winnings, losses, maximum wins and other related settings in order to achieve your goals.

Agent admin panel

The agents are allowed to access whatever super admin grants. The basic access is create players, sub agents, invite players, create promo codes, transfer credits from agent account and loads of other features.

License or no license

If you want to promote casino games with no license we have a bulletproof solution to keep you online.
Regular licensed options is another default feature and we are able to get you a gambling license if needed.

casino software

No need to look further, we guarante you satisfaction

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