Stay away from betting exchange script scam websites

betting exchange script provider - beware of scam sellers

When a company is doing well, there are always others who try to steal the same business idea.

Unfortunately, there are several websites that claim to sell our betting exchange script, but in reality, no customers get anything even similar to what we sell because their business model is based on deceiving gullible and serious customers who want to start their own betting exchange website .
Some of these websites that claim to sell our scripts are



These sites are just a couple of examples of websites you should avoid because they claim to sell our betting exchange scripts but in reality you as a customer will get something completely different from what is promised and you will most likely lose your money.

We are the only official seller of our betting exchange scripts partly through and our own partner sites and unfortunately people have contacted us after they bought from these scam sites and lost their money, with that said we want to make everyone aware on only buying betting exchange scripts from us and no others.

It has never been easier to start your own betting exchange site today, our ready-made betting exchange scripts have everything you need from the start and you only need to choose the script that suits you and your budget and you get full access to download the source code immediately after your payment.
We also offer free installation of betting exchange scripts after your purchase on your own server and domain name with full control.

Normally we install it already the same weekday (depending on the time zone) but within 48 hours at most you will have it fully installed on your server, ready to use.

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