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Instant full source code download upon purchase, free installation and free lifetime support & updates

XBETS pro exchange

Higly popular betting exchange script with beifair data, live casino, sports betting, live dealers and slots – Fully open source code ready to install and start your very own betting exchange website.

This is the most popular betting exchange script available in our collection with the highest customer satisfaction quality.

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Betfair exchange script

Full open source code nice and clean betting exchange script powered by betfair odds data.
Un encrypted files, meaning there are no limitations and you can make unlimited betting exchange websites, unlimited points, admins, sub admins
manage funds, players as you like.
You can also manage design, logo and other UI related things 100% free as you wish.
Starting your own betting exchange website have never been easier.

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Betting exchange lite

Powered by betsapi odds data.
The betting exchange lite script is suitable for anybody who are looking for a low cost betting exchange script with full open source code where you can modify, edit and tweak the system according to your needs as you wish.

The betting exchange lite script is built in php Laravel & mysql with very easy to understand code structure.
Please note, error pages on demo = no active betsapi odds data key enabled since this is a delo only.
If needed, we can enable your trial api key. 

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Fully loaded Betradar

The system that has it all, not only does it comes with betting exchange but also poker, slots, live dealers, casino games and more
over 100+ api providers added and ready for business with your own brand.

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How to start a betting exchange website using our scripts

  • Purchase the betting exchange script of your choise and get instant downlaod access
  • Install the script on your server or use our free installation service
  • Add your logo, custom banners, text and customize the website according to your needs
  • Enable api, payment gateway and setting and you are ready to accept bets with your very own betting exchange website!

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We offer free support and updates on all our scripts,
Full open source code download access with no encrypted code that allows you to create multiple betting exchange websites, white labels for your customers or multiple brands.

We are the No1 Betting Exchange Script provider online and the only true provider of genuine high quality betting exchange script solutions.

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