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Betting exchange

We offer full source code purchase option of our betting exchange script for you to run your own online betting exchange.

White label exchange

We also offer turnkey and hosted solutions so you can focus on business and less on coding & security.

Open source code

The open source code purchase is 100% source code we use, there are NO limitations to what you can do.

Betting exchange script solution

Our business models is straight forward, we provide a ready to go online betting exchange script as a fully self hosted solution on your server or as a white label solution where we host and manage your platform while you focus on the business model in running your own betting exchange.

Ready to go

Select the option that suits you best, open source code direct purchase or white label solution and you will have instant access to our full betting exchange script.

Fully responsive

Amazing and popular betting exchange script with fully responsive ui to attract new players to your betting exchange website.
With our ready to betting exchange script, you can be online today!

White label setup

Cheapest option – We host your site
your logo and custom branding.

white label betting exchange script


You save $200
($199 /year after 12 months) 

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Buy source code

One time cost, unlimited websites
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Open source code

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Betting exchange source code

The betting exchange source code is build in php, laravel and mysql and loads Betsapi odds data from Betsapi as a 3:rd party api data provider.
There is no need to create any betfair developer account and share profits, limited points and other restrictions as you only pay for api data, nothing more and super admin has unlimited points and may manage admins, agents and player with full access control.
The betting exchange script installs on VPS and comes fully documented and ready for you to install and configure.
We also provide free installation if needed when buying the Betting exchange script.

White label betting exchange

The four most asked questions regarding the white label betting exchange

How do i start my betting exchange website?

Start with buying the white label betting exchange package from us and wait for the email we will send out with details in how to point your domain to our servers and we do everything from here.
Full installation within 24 hours (mo-fri) working days.

What are the costs involved?

Currently we have a $200 discount on the setup fee, so you only pay $599 upfront and we install your system.
Every year (starting 12 months after your purchase) we charge $199 for server, security & support. odds data provider charges $100 /mo.

Customization and design

We can provide you with css files, current banners and related material for you to reskin and we upload to your site.
We are also available for custom design modifications and additional funtion development, simply send an inquiry.

How many domains can i use?

One white label betting exchange purchase covers 1 domain only. 
If you would like to install multiple betting exchanges we suggest you to buy the full source code option that allows unlimited domain installations.